Mighty No.9 Coming to Consoles (PS3/360/Wii U)


With two weeks left on the kickstarter that’s pushed over $2 million dollars, the vision of Mighty No.9 by industry veteran Keiji Inafune will be coming to home consoles. With it’s intended goal of $900k met in practically a day, the support for this project is simply amazing, with even more goals being added and reaching within its time.



Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII coming in 2014

As it makes for a Pre-E3 present, SE revealed the official trailer for the final entry of the FFXIII Trilogy this morning. The NA release of LR:FFXIII will be released on February 11th, whereas the European version on February 14th.

Side Note: Also revealed on their developer’s twitter, LR’s release on Japanese shores has been dated for November 21st this year.