Mighty No.9 Coming to Consoles (PS3/360/Wii U)


With two weeks left on the kickstarter that’s pushed over $2 million dollars, the vision of Mighty No.9 by industry veteran Keiji Inafune will be coming to home consoles. With it’s intended goal of $900k met in practically a day, the support for this project is simply amazing, with even more goals being added and reaching within its time.



Guild Wars 2 is Watching (World Boss Changes)

Tequatl Rising, the next big patch in Guild Wars 2, will come with more than standard rebalancing and fixes. The biggest hype factor behind it is that a majority of the world bosses we all know and love are getting revamped for a new type of fight. The link listed below will show all of the changes happening the moment the patch is downloaded.


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 E3 Trailer

This particular title is one of those I honestly hate to see end. For a reboot it did pretty well on it’s own two feet, managing to squeeze out three titles (Two PS3/360, 1 3DS) to complete this particular story. They stuck to a strong base of the storytelling factor, with a fairly nice lore to follow it up with. Not to mention that this game has one of the best soundtracks that I’ve heard in a quite a while, composed by Oscar Araujo. A 6 minute sneak peek at the conclusion to the Lords of Shadow series.

Next Super Smash Bros title to be revealed at Nintendo’s E3 Direct

On June 11th, roughly around 11 p.m. will be the first reveal for the next evolution in Nintendo’s classic crossover title. Confirmed by Sakurai himself on his twitter, he also will be attending E3 this year. This will be the first time that we’ve been able to see anything in regards to the game after announcing that Namco-Bandai will be assisting the studio with developing the next Smash game. As for which version of Smash will be at E3 (Wii U/3DS), the amount of hype behind it is coming in full force.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII coming in 2014

As it makes for a Pre-E3 present, SE revealed the official trailer for the final entry of the FFXIII Trilogy this morning. The NA release of LR:FFXIII will be released on February 11th, whereas the European version on February 14th.

Side Note: Also revealed on their developer’s twitter, LR’s release on Japanese shores has been dated for November 21st this year.

Best Buy + Nintendo = The Nintendo Experience

In a partnership made by Nintendo and Best Buy that was revealed during Nintendo Direct, a handful of people will be able to experience some of the titles that Nintendo is revealing at E3 this year. This venture is only for two days, June 12th and June 15th in four hour increments, and will be playable at around 110 selective Best Buy locations across the country. In order to see if your local Best Buy is hosting the Wii U Experience, check out the link below by finding your state and store if it’s in the list.