My Travels of Spira, Pt. 1


I knew this would happen.


From the moment I booted the game up, I knew I was about to take a huge dive. One of my good friends from high school that I spoke of in my previous article sent me a message saying he too had picked up the game. For a good 30 minutes, we were reminiscing about FFX back around 2002 when it was still fresh to us. It was also remotely ironic and amazing that even 10 years later we’re both older with our own daily lives, we giggled and ranted uncontrollably as if it was the cafeteria or a random class in high school all over again, almost as if time wasn’t even an issue. So I asked him if he too was going the Expert Sphrere Grid route; Indeed he did, and was impressed. As of now, I am roughly about 13 hours into the game.


Updated visuals was a treat based off of some of the comparisons that were made, but the first thing I happen to notice through my first 30 minutes was the slightly remastered soundtrack. Final Fantasy X has always had what I considered a unique soundtrack, ranging from the various villages and towns (Besaid Island, Kilika, Luca) to some of the battle tracks (Fight, Hurry, Otherworld) as well. To be completely honest, as of where I last left off in the game, I’m a bit 70/30 about the remastered OST. Mind you, I can’t say i’m on the fence on it due to nostalgia but for some songs, but some of their original counterparts had that sweet spot to its composition. I will admit, I’m definitely digging the remastered battle theme. 


Once I got the opportunity to use the Sphere Grid for first time, I zoomed it all the way out to see how far reaching this grid goes and I sat back in my chair to contemplate on it. What I had learned from before, is that the Expert Sphere Grid has less nodes (contains a ability or stat) than it’s Standard counterpart, but the biggest draw for being on Expert was the player being able to customize each character as they see fit. Knowing my mind, I was willing to come up with all sorts of crazy mixtures and concepts but decided on a different playthrough to experiment all over the place. The sphere grid wasn’t looking as intimidating as it once was years ago; If there was anything I learned, it’s mainly about ability and stat management across the whole grid. There will be plenty of empty nodes for you to fill in with a stat boosting sphere of your choice but also with the Clear Sphere, you can also clear any stat related node and open it up for a replacement.


The first few hours has been nothing but pure fun for me. It almost makes me feel young again as I used to sit and play this everyday after school or randomly on the weekends with friends. Without a doubt i’ll definitely write a few more of my experiences through Spira, explaining different things and going about the game with its other details here and there. Though I never got a chance to pick up the Remastered Soundtrack, going through this first playthrough will definitely add a sense of intrigue and different impressions on how the song was remastered for this title. Until then…


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