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What is Playable Discussion?

What is Playable Discussion?
A blog started by two dudes who simply love to talk about games from completely different sides of the spectrum. Anthony is a Staff Writer and Multimedia Producer at BeefJack.com, while Justin gets his way around the industry in many ways. Heck, he gets stuff from SquareEnix. Lucky bastard.

Who we are!

Justin Wilkes

Justin Wilkes

If there was anything in my life that’s had a profound effect outside of music, it would be gaming. I picked up my first controller when I was 3, ironically, when I had no idea what the concept of an Atari was. But it was game time when we received the NES which also turned into owning the Sega Genesis and that’s when I can officially say it began my journey. The things video games has done for me during my years as I went from childhood to adulthood is remarkable. The most remarkable thing of them all, was the ability to connect and share the same laughs, adventures, and tragedies with whom I call some of my closest and dearest friends to date.

What else do I do besides gaming? I enjoy the peaceful notations of nature. Whether it’s a beach, a park, a flower garden, or even a sight of the oceans, I’m a big fan of natural explorations, and if I could, I would love to go on an excavation one of these days. These sights also make for good spots to help meditate and contemplate when needed. Also, one of my greatest joys in life is my love for writing. Writing makes up for a lot of my expressions and emotions, ones that can easily help me convey what I may not be able to show or speak. Even after me ranting above, I always love to meet with new people.

Anthony Shelton

Anthony SheltonI love video games. I’ve played them since the Commodore 64 at age 5. No entertainment medium gets me going like this one. If there’s entertainment to choose between video games, television, movies, and music, I’m going to choose video games. More importantly, I love what I experienced with video games long ago: the ability to make new friends and create community. This is why I do what I do. I’m a Staff Writer and Multimedia Producer at BeefJack.com, so don’t be surprised when see content from that site spill onto this blog. We love games over there and look at everything from AAA to indiest of indies.

I also enjoy spending time with my wife, friends, and go to church. I also enjoy watching the NBA and NCAA Basketball (don’t disturb me during March Madness) as well as trying different restaurants with my wife.

I enjoy meeting new people and playing games with people. I don’t have fat pockets yet, but if there’s a game you want to recommend to me so I can play with you, I’m good to try it out. I may suck, though. Just giving you a heads up.


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