Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Announced for the PS3


Known as Tales of Symphonia: Unisonant Pack in Japan, this collection will feature HD Remasters of Tales of Symphonia and its sequel Dawn of the New World that was previously released for the Gamecube/PS2 and the Wii respectively. This edition which is coming out for the PS3 will also have exclusive new cut-ins for Hi-Ougis (Artes), as well as extra outfits based on the Tales of the Abyss series. The Tales of Symphonia version of this HD Remaster is also based on it’s PS2 counterpart which was released with additional content from it’s original Gamecube edition. This package is planned to be released in Japan on October 10th of this year, while the US/European release is planned for Early 2014.

The reveal video for the announcement from the producer himself posted below:


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