Ouya Proves Gamers Want Something Different

The newest Android-based console creators, OUYA, created a Kickstarter campaign to develop a console–named OUYA–with a goal of 950,000. Once the news released, the console campaign received over 4 million dollars (at the time of writing) and counting; with under a month left.

The whole basis of the OUYA is to bring cheap, entertaining content into the living room–strong emphasis on cheap. The console is planned to be released for $100 and games are “…free, at least to try,” says one of the descriptions on the Kickstarter page. With prices and a platform like this, it’s not hard to see why people flocked to the support of such a campaign.

What’s interesting about this whole campaign is witnessing how much people were willing to give away to it. OUYAs campaign needed a hefty total of 950,000. Once that goal was met, people could stop giving and OUYA would be in the desired position to create their self-titled console. Instead, people continued to pour in money which has led to their current sum. This overflow of giving comes from an “itch” in gamers for something different–something that would “upend,” as OUYA puts it, the current game industry. The console creators recognized this “itch” which became confirmed by their campaign that has, nearly, an extra 3 million dollars.

Gamers have been saturated with marketing from big game companies, nickel-and-dimed, and tolerating a slew of games that feed off of each other in the mainstream market. It’s not that this market is bad but there is too little diversity in it. The OUYA, as a console, can bring awareness to the other market, the cheaper market, which many gamers have missed out on. It’s already being done with the phone and tablet market but it can be done on a greater level with a home console as developers can make bigger games on the console. What this means is a wider range of games being played and balance brought into the console market. If people want their consoles but are tired of the high prices, OUYA plans to balance the scale.

Whether the OUYA will succeed is yet to be determined, but what is very loud and clear is this: gamers want something different.


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